Mark Taylorson
Chair of Governors

Welcome from the Chair of Governors

Hello my name is Mark Taylorson and it has been my pleasure and privilege to have been Chair of the Local School Committee (formally known as the Governing Body) here at Clara Grant School for the past 16 years.


I say pleasure because that is what I get every time I walk into the school. Seeing the brilliant staff going about their work, teaching and inspiring the pupils to achieve the best they can possibly do – or as OFSTED said more eloquently than I can “One of the notable strengths of teaching is the high quality relationships that teachers have with their pupils.”


Seeing the children respond to their teachers, teaching assistants and environment with a desire to learn and a commitment to treat the staff and their fellow students with respect; or to quote OFSTED again “Pupils are not only polite and well mannered, they are also inquisitive and interested in the views of others.”


I say privilege because that is what being a school governor really is. It is a privilege that I can bring my knowledge and expertise to help this wonderful school. It is a privilege to be involved in the education of the pupils here – investing in the next generation. It is a privilege for me to be able to develop and acquire new skills, and it is privilege to help develop a sense of partnership and involvement with my / our community. But most of all it is a privilege to work with some of the finest teachers and teaching assistants that a school could possibly have and a privilege to watch the incredible journey of discovery the children make while they are here at Clara Grant.


I thank the school, the staff and all the children here for giving me that pleasure and privilege.


Thank you