The Clara Grant moved to ParentPay

From June 2019, The Clara Grant Primary School moved all parent payments toParentPay, link here: is the UK’s leading school payment system, used by over three million parents and more than 9,000 schools.


ParentPayis successfully used by millions of parents already, we are confident you will quickly become comfortable using it.

does require you to have an email address, and this will also become the primary means by which the school communicates with you from June 2019 – we will not be using text messages nearly as much.


If you need help to create an email account, then please contact the schools parent support partner. If you already have an email account and haven’t advised the school of the details, please call the office with these details.

Please see link below of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that gives further helpful information for you.  If you have internet access, you can also read about ParentPay and its benefits at