Clara Grant is a school where everyone matters. We are committed to providing your child with the best quality education possible. Children are routinely given extra help and support in the class and group setting if they need it, and our teachers will adjust schoolwork and support automatically for them. As a result, most children make good progress over time.

However, for those children who do not, or for those whose needs are significant from the very beginning, we have additional support arrangements. Besides adapting our curriculum and resources, we employ reading recovery specialists, inclusion teachers, a speech therapist, a learning mentor and a number of other additional adults who are dedicated to supporting pupils with additional needs.

Your child’s teacher may discuss putting your child on the Special Needs Register if they continue to struggle with their work, or if they have significant problems with hearing, vision, speech, behaviour or mobility. This means that the teacher is paying even more specific attention to your child; they will talk to you about your child’s programme at Parent’s consultations, or at other convenient times, and they will regularly review their progress. The school’s Special Needs Co-ordinator also becomes involved at this stage, and may suggest referral to agencies in the borough who are skilled at working with children and families, or an assessment by the school’s Educational Psychologist, for example. This stage is called SEP, or Special Educational Provision.

If your child continues to show no progress despite these special arrangements, the school may decide with your agreement, to ask for an ‘Education, Health and Care’ plan. This is when professionals from outside school assess the child’s progress. If an EHC plan is granted, the pupil may be given a Specialist Teacher and/or a Special Needs Assistant to work with them in class for part of the week, in addition to any extra help the school is already giving. The other agencies involved in the plan (Social Care and Health) will also make relevant provision.

The school’s special needs co-ordinator will be happy to talk with you if you have any questions relating to your child’s special needs and can provide you with a copy of our policy in this area if you wish. There is also a school governor you can speak to if you have any questions (the school office can arrange an appointment).

Please click on the link below to download a copy of our SEND 2021 Report with details of our SEND Offer