Our vision:

  • At Clara Grant, we ensure that our pupils, regardless of circumstance, have equal access to the curriculum by respecting and catering to individual needs;
  • We encourage our pupils to have high expectations of themselves and others;
  • We encourage our pupils to think independently, be responsible for their own actions, and to work co-operatively;
  • We believe in partnership between the home, our school and the local community; We create a secure learning environment by insisting on good behaviour;
  • We provide experiences that will enrich children’s social, personal and moral development. 

Our Aims

  • The Governing Body at Clara Grant Primary School aims to provide for both pupils and staff a working environment in which all individuals are valued. We aim to give equal access to the curriculum so that all pupils receive a broad and balanced education which meets their individual needs as well as taking the wider expectations of society into account. We have high expectations of all children, whatever their starting points, to develop and achieve to at least the average of any similar child in the country. Our intent is to create independent learners through a combination of practical learning experiences and more structured teacher directed sessions. We believe in taking our children out of school on as many trips and visits as possible to enhance their learning.

In order for our pupils to learn successfully we believe that:

  • All pupils must be treated equally.
  • There must be consistent expectations of behaviour in order to create a secure environment in which all pupils learn. 
  • Pupils should be made to feel confident about themselves as learners and feel that their contribution is valued.
  • Pupils need to be encouraged to think for themselves.
  • Pupils need to be able to work with others so that they develop personal and social skills including an awareness of their own views and the needs of others.
  • The School will deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that takes into account children’s spiritual and moral development.
  • There should be a partnership between the school, home and the community.